Halo 4 Bringing Back Old Memories?

When I watched part of the gameplay for Halo 4’s mission “Dawn”, it looked kind of like the first mission of Halo CE when you are on the Pillar of Autumn. To those of you that have seen the gameplay, do you get this feeling?

Exploring a Foreign object.
Yeah, I’m getting reminiscent of Halo:CE

actually reminded me of halo 2 cairo more

Halo 4 doesn’t really remind me much of the past Halo games. It doesn’t really have the nostalgia factor for me. It’s Halo, sure, but an entirely new Halo. Nothing really reminds me of the past Halos.

I guess “Dawn” is a bit like the “Pillar of Autumn”, a mission where you’re fighting Covenant while being dragged towards a Forerunner artifact. But, in PoA, you had basically the entire Autumn’s fighter complement with you. In “Dawn” it’s just you and Cortana. It certainly gives me a feeling of loneliness compared to the other Halos. At least later you see more humans. :slight_smile:

being on a ship invaded by covenants heading towards a mysterious planet, yeah sounds very much like CE

What’s beautiful about the presumed beginning of Halo 4 is that Master Chief begins the same way he did in Halo CE. Ready to be awoken when needed. The ship has found another Forerunner artifact.

As Cortana said “It isn’t an original plan, but it’ll work.”