Halo 4 Bolt Shot - Question

I’ve only seen one video of a person using it and I can’t quite tell what it shoots/ how it works and was wondering if someone could tell me or link me to something that shows it clearly?

All that I can manage to tell about it is that it looks like it shoot orange/ yellow stuff and when the guy in the video missed and shot the wall it looked like a spread from a shotgun.

I’m kind of very confused haha

I’m a little confused about it too, I’d like to see some clear gameplay of it if there is some.

There isn’t much video of it about - but from what I have seen in places it can fire like the magnum or be “charged” and fire the shotgun-like burst you mentioned. This burst will use up half of the clip upon firing and i believe can only be held for about 5 seconds to prevent people from abusing it.

Magnum-like standard fire with a charging capability.

The Charge functions similar to that of a Mauler; possibly weaker?
Like stated above, it uses roughly have the clip and has a charging cap to prevent players from running around with it charged.

Kinda reminds me of the Plasma pistol sorta?

It shoots a little slower than the plasma pistol, and the charge ability is sort of like the mauler from halo 3, but I don’t know if it kills in one hit or not.
Also the charge ability takes half a clip, so you can charge twice per clip.

Edit: Wow I got ninja’d hard about the mauler part. Thought I was the first one to think of that haha.

So it functions like a pistol regularly. But it can function as a charging shotgun blast? That actually sounds fairly fun to use!

I know it is headshot capable as well. It sounds like a good alternative to the Magnum and has a decent utility secondary fire mode with the charge shot. It’ll be interesting to see if it disintegrates opponents if it hits square.