Halo 4: Blood Gulch Remake

343i released the Forge Island forge map and I remember someone saying they challenge the community to make a Blood Gulch on one of the islands. So I decided I would accept that challenge. Check it out!

If you would like to play on this map it does support 4v4 up to 8v8 Slayer only. You will need the gametype “classic halo” as well because I made this to act as it was back in the original Halo before Reach and Halo 4.


MAP: Forge Island Blood Gulch

GAMETYPE: Classic Halo


  • Go on Halo 4
  • Hit Start
  • Go down to Settings & Files
  • File Browser
  • Map Variants (repeat this step for gametype)
  • File Share Search (repeat this step for gametype)
  • Type in my gamertag DarkJediMasterX
  • Click Search (repeat this step for gametype)
  • Select the map & hit Y & then A to dowload (repeat this step for gametype)

Let me know what you think either here in this thread or in the comment section of the video. Thanks for watching and enjoy! :slight_smile: