Halo 4 Bleedthrough

Ok this is something many people haven’t talked about much, so I thought I would get the community’s opinion on bleedthrough. Anyone who still plays Reach may have noticed that 343i recently removed shield bleedthrough from the TU gametypes. I think this was a BAD idea as I believe bleedthrough makes the game a little more balanced.

This is not a huge deal for me, but I would prefer if Halo 4 has bleedthrough. What are your thoughts?

I absolutely do want bleedthrough BUT we will need to lower the power of melees to about 75 to 50%.

Bleedthrough is a must. It’s just all around more conducive to smoother and more fun gameplay.

no not if it was like reach but if the game was built to have it then yes i stopped playing reach when they added it i played it again when it was removed

I am not trying to get my forum more popular but this is basically the same topic.


Sorry, but can someone please explain what bleed through is???

> Sorry, but can someone please explain what bleed through is???

Bleed through is when someone has a little bit of shields left and you melee them and it goes through the little bit of shields and kills them in one melee

Sorry man, didn’t mean to take away from yours.