Halo 4 birthday was five days ago

If you didn’t know 5 days ago was the 9 birthday of halo 4. When our hot egirl and AI died. When halo was at it darkest and the community was at it darkest till 5. When we first played a 343 game when bungie left. When people who no nothing about the lore met someone from halo 3 that we read about on the ark. And in the books, it made a stain on halo. Also when MCC was still crap. We saw Master Chief become more human. Also when we met Lasky and Del Rio. Also miss woman who thought Chief short. We got to see a part of Chief face. It was a dark time but we just hoped 5 would be good and wasn’t. Also our poor grunts looked like crap. Also made the elites look like brutes. The Jackals looked high. Our Monkey from 3 gone till wars 2. But happy bad birthday halo 4.


Wow this post was a roller coaster.

Halo 4 was the first game which I really followed before it released. It may be a controversial Halo game, but it’s still a Halo game.
Happy belayed 9th Birthday Halo 4!

November 7th is also Cortana’s birthday in-universe. So happy belated birthday to her as well