halo 4 Biggest forge wishes

Back in my glory days quake 1 came out… A map editor called Qoole, - Quake Object Oriented Level Editor - was developed that allowed you to basically carve and texture maps the way you wanted.
Heres a video of the simple editor for reference Qoole
It had a simple yet sophisticated air about it and yes it did have its problems but also had made the level designing process a lot easier instead of taking 3 months to make a map it only took 1 month to make a map. It allowed for us to texture items, add objects add water lava slime teleporters buttons doors you name it. But I found the best features where the allowing of carving into objects and subtracting the pieces that split from them later which allowed all kinds of crazy structures to be born, it also allowed merging the pieces together to form one piece. Even thou You guys at 343 are probably 99% done the game already I would love it if the new forge had some sort of capabilities like this. Or perhaps release the design tool that you use to actually create maps. If its not a custom tool thats understandable.