Halo 4 Big Team

I’m not going to go on a big rant about whats wrong with current big team or what I want in Halo 4 but I do ask that if 343 makes any new maps for DLC they make Big Team DLC required. I think part of the reason Reach is so boring is because the DLC maps hardly ever get played. I can honestly say I have played DLC maps about 20 times in Big Team Matchmaking.

I’m sure not all players have this issue but it’s very aggravating to players like me who generally stay in Big Team when they play. You can only play so much hemmorage and forge world variants before everything is just another shade of gray.

I agree. While I do love Reach’s campaign, I do feel it’s multiplayer is the worst one. Mostly because I dislike most of the game’s maps. Like you, I’m a big team guy and I think all these Forge World variants ruin it. I usually stick to Anniversary big team because of this, but I often end up playing Anniversary Slayer, which I despise.

I’m no game developer but maybe having separate playlists such as Slayer and Slayer DLC or premium or what have you, would work for Halo 4 and prevent the lack of DLC maps in MM from happening again. Just a thought. I’m sure others can think of better solutions.