Halo 4-Big Custom Games Lobby

I have a few maps I want to try out with a decent amount of people. I have a slayer, flood, and race thing going. We can also play some of your maps too if you want.

I would like to participate on that! custom games are funny :smiley:

Add me on xbox btw

count me in.

The more people the better. I’m gonna start it up in a few

invite me gamertags my name on waypoint


sign me up!


invite me please

Get me in please :wink:

You have peaked The Wet Gurkins interest

add me love playing custom games

Add my tag(same as name)

Hey i’d like to join too cheers :slight_smile:

count me in :smiley:

I’d play. I re-created that Binary Slayer gametype from the IGN video and it is on my File Share. I’ve only played it 1v1, but would love to see what it is like with a larger group.

count me in

me to!

I love Custom Games! Invite me whenever you’re on/ready

I am interested as well. My GT is the same as my Waypoint name.