HALO 4 beta?!?

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Hi, I’m in my iPod, so, I can’t put images,
I’m from Mexico and I have a friend that he had, like a beta of halo but it doesn’t look like halo 4 demo video
. The game have the graphics, sound, character, main menu,Campaign and online multiplayer. ( he can’t access to online multiplayer). He told me " come to my house, I have the beta on halo 4, bring your profile." But, I thing I can be banned if i use my profile,so, I use his profile in his house.

It really look like halo but I’m not sure, the main menu look like fake
Like the old videos, on YouTube.

What I need to do?

I’m don’t have halo beta.

Dat grammar

There is no beta, don’t do it you will get Banned!1

I wouldn’t risk it.


Its obviously fake but I wouldnt risk getting my account banned, my 67,000 GS would be for nothing!!!

> Dat grammar

he’s not from an english speaking country give him a break

I understand and speak well The English but I have problems with the writing. But thanks.XD