Halo 4 beta???????

i was just wondering if their is going to be a halo 4 beta or not does anybody know? and apparently this description is not long enough so this writing is completely unimportant but i have to do it lol :stuck_out_tongue:

LUL, Sorry Bro!

In an interview Frankie said that there wont be a beta because it would push back the production of the game (or something along those lines).


No beta

ok well im fine with that i think the reach beta just made us feel like we new the whole game by heart b4 it even came out…

I am a little worried that they aren’t releasing a beta because of time constraints, I hope they aren’t rushing halo 4. I also wanted to play the matchmaking before buying as I want to make sure I’m not paying £40 for crap multiplayer like reach.


Nope. Frank O’Connor said it’s a no-go.