Halo 4 Banshee More Like Halo 3's Banshee?

After playing Reach, I can say that the banshee in Reach is just pure garbage, in terms of control and aesthetics. For example, when you do the quick power moves such as the barrel rolls, the banshee turns just seem out-of-place and are just way too quick.

If banshee are in Halo 4, would you like to see the barrel rolls slowed down a little like in Halo 3?

I do prefer the Halo 3 Banshee overall. I wouldn’t mind if Halo 4 had something similar to that.

There won’t be any Covenant in Halo 4, but I assume there will be a Banshee equivalent.

I say I like the design of the Reach Banshee, having to press Y to switch between the bomb and plasma guns for the Reach Banshee, and the speed of the 3 Banshee. When it comes to the barrel roll, I’m kind of in two minds. In Halo 3, you can barrel roll while boosting, but it wasn’t as effective as the Reach barrel roll, which was effective at evading, but you had to sacrifice your speed to do so.

For sure. Halo 3 vehicles in general were just way better.

Personally, I love the control’s for the banshee in halo reach, its maneuverability makes up for its weak health. If the banshee does return in Halo 4 and it’s a lot stronger (in terms of health), then yes, its movement speed should be slowed down.

> After playing Reach, I can say that the banshee in Reach is just pure garbage, in terms of control and aesthetics. For example, when you do the quick power moves such as the barrel rolls, the banshee turns just don’t seem out-of-place and are just way too quick.

I really liked the Banshee’s control scheme in Reach, but unfortunately was not fond of its appearance. I did not like the flat wings at all.

Like Halo 3 in just about every way, in Halo Reach, the design wasn’t as sleek or -Yoink!-, or Covenant-like, as it didn’t have the little nodes on the tips of the wings among other things. The health was ridiculously low, and the maneuverability was just annoying whether you were using it or shooting at it- able to maneuver way too quickly, and the banshee cannon was way OP, but it was underpowered in Halo 3.

i liked H3’s banshee because of the balance in the games, in H3, a good pilot could DECIMATE the team.
But now in reach, a mere noob can now dominate the battlfiled, just bomb, flip, rinse, and repeat

but i will admit that i didn’t like the maneuverability of Halo 3’s banshee, it felt too slow sometimes…

Why do people assume Covenant weaponry and vehicles will be in Halo 4 at all? Any weapon/ vehicle from past Halo’s even.

IF the Covenant are in Halo 4 I’d rather have it bee closer to the Halo 3 Banshee than any other. The Reach Banshee was horrible. It didn’t even feel like a Banshee. I prefer the classic look of the Banshee.

> There won’t be any Covenant in Halo 4

I don’t think you have any evidence to back up what you just said.

> For sure. Halo 3 vehicles in general were just way better.


I miss halo 3 BTB so much, too laggy to play it anymore though.

In terms of aesthetics, the Banshees in Halo: Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary look lovely. I think they should keep that new design.

As for mechanics, I praise the ability to switch which weapon you use be it the the Plasma Rounds or the Fuel Rod Bomb. Two things really do tend to annoy me with the vehicle though.

  1. The power of the Fuel Rod is not an issue but the splash it deals is. I would suggest lowering the radius or area of the splash so that people could perhaps have a chance to dodge the attack.

  2. The Banshee in Halo: Reach moves WAY too fast in terms of flips and side-rolls. Should 343 Industries consider bringing the Banshee back into the light then they shoud lower the acceleration and speed of the flips just like Halo 2’s Banshee. Super Banshee Speed Flips + Fuel Rod Spam = Balance out of the window :stuck_out_tongue:

> the banshee in Reach is just pure garbage

“Wanna’ know what else it more garbage than that? Halo: Reach”,said Halo: Reach hater.

OT: I like the Halo: Reach Banshee better, but not the art design.

I thought the updates they made to the banshee in Reach was one of their best improvements, it forces you to drive forward which adds difficulty in control without reducing the usefulness to a skilled driver. I also like the new design.

The banshee flips are so annoying. The only way you can really kill it effectively if the banshee pilots just keeps flipping around is with the sniper rifle. Because the rocket launcher needs time to lock onto the target, the flips will throw it off and you can’t even hit it.

I think that the next banshee (assuming we get covenant vehicles) should get a slower charge rate for its maneuvering so that people can actually kill it. To compensate they can add some more health.

I don’t know if the Banshee is going to be in Halo 4. However vehicles in general should be like Halo 3. Reach did so many things wrong to vehicles.

I actually prefer the Reach Banshee design over the older ones.

H4 Banshee should be like ODST Banshee (in campaign at least). It should also have a homing feature for the fuel rod cannon (like in Reach or like enemy Banshees in H3).

As for aesthetic, I think it should be H3 but able to compact (that is, the wings) into a Reach-esque Banshee via holding A button without directional input (like how the Wraith can temporarily do a wheelie). I mean really, the Banshee should be more maneuverable and it should appear more flexible. The wings should work like the wings of a bird, not the wings of a plane. Transformers people, Transformers. The next thing you know, Covie technology will be based on constructors, sentinels, etc. Able to compact.

And screw the emphasis on it’s insect appearance. It should look like a wailing terror (as in Halo 1), not some flying alien bug.