Halo 4 - Awesome out of map you should try!


In this vid I show you how to get out of Shutdown near the end and at the very end. Its a pretty big out of map, probably second biggest behind the Midnight one. Surprisingly there is a lot to do once you get out. You can go back to other areas where you usually can’t fly a banshee, you can walk ontop an invisible barrier, and you get make your banshee gold or purple or both as well as your spartan!

You just keep surprising me with these, Thank you, you make campaign even more fun this way, thanks…

I’m not sarcasm you, I leave three or more periods because it’s my thing, I like randomness…

Thing I wish i could get to in campaign would be on the third mission, escape the giant ball before going through the wormholes to see if you could walk to the pillar, & etc…:wink:

But please, keep up the goodwork, glad to see stuff like this.