Halo 4 Awesome game but..

Just got Halo 4. Great work 343. Have only played multiplay at Swedish expo Gamex.
You 343 have thought alot out about this game but some fails there are. Master chief “MIC” missing in combat during halo 3. the thing is that the realy cool machine gun that where added in halo 4 never existed in halo 3. And if i’ve got it right so havent any UNSC dropped new weapons into the halo 3 space ship. so the gun shouldnt actualy exist in mission 1 atleast.

STILL LOVE THIS AWESOME GAME and the swedish launch event thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! See yah on the battle field Spartan.

No…Spartans are listed as MIA = Missing in Action which was explained in the first 3 minutes or less of the very first mission. And just because a game didn’t exist in the games, doesn’t mean they didn’t exist in canon.