Halo 4 at pax east (april 4-8)

For those who dont know, pax is a game expo. There are two paxes, Pax West (summer) and the upcoming pax east (April 6-8)

Should we expect something?

If anything, nothing big.

You shouldn’t expect anything, anytime. That way, you don’t get your hopes up, and when something is shown, you will be twice as overjoyed.

There has allways been something shown at pax west, im not sure about east though.

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I hate doing this…but…

Maybe. Screenshots the least? It’s probable. Only time will tell.

Bs angel said she was going on twitter and she had some panels, so I’d guess maybe so.

I believe that new information may be released via discussions with the developers, if they are attending that is.

Because of the huge reveal a couple weeks ago, it’s doubtful.

Maybe. In the past years there have been demos of Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield 3, and Portal 2.

I’ve been there, I would know.

I wanna know will there still be a HaloFest and will 343 take over doing it. Im not sure if bungie even had anything to do with hosting and everything from last year. if they are imma have to get tickets Woot

Huge reveal?
On the contrary, sure we got gameplay, but we really didnt get anything HUGE or spoilerific.
Im expecting to see a campaign reveal, since most of the first look was about MP.

I’m pretty sure last year they had a Halo Universe panel at Pax East. Another Karen Travis book is coming out before Halo 4 so this might be when they announce it’s name.

> Because of the huge reveal a couple weeks ago, it’s doubtful.

More than a month later you think they wouldn’t release more info?

even if its just a little bit of info thats new ill be happy :slight_smile: