Halo 4 at gamestop passes 1 million pre order

this is pretty awesome

this is not at gamestop the article is using vgchartz as a sales representation, Gamestop has confirmed that h4 has surpassed 1 million weeks ago.

Well seeing as how Halo 3 surpassed over 10 million, Halo 4 will probably hit that milestone or slightly pass it.

It depends, sales will have 2 surge spans. One being at launch, and one in the Christmas season.

I would say it would be an easy 12 million but it is the first game in a trilogy. Usually the pattern in sales for trilogy’s starts at a certain number then increases with each game following it.

Halo 4 could be more than my estimate though, it truly depends on how good the game really is and if the initial buyers spread the word to others.

your title is misleading and untrue.

vgchartz provides estimates based on retailerS in the usa, not just gamestop.

besides, gamestop said that halo 4 passed the 1 million pre-order mark 4 WEEKS AGO!

So, total actual pre-orders should be ~1.5 million, possibly more.