Halo 4 assist mechanics.

So I was just wondering how much we know about this. I’ve looked around but not many people are really focusing on it.
I tend to play a supportive role with my team. Being the Driver, distracting and taking down shields so my team can get the kills, etc etc.

One thing I noticed about Halo Reach’s Assist system was that it was very unpredictable. There are times where I barely nudge an enemy and get an assist when they die, other times I take down the whole shield of an enemy and someone else pops a quick headshot and I get nothing.

I’m not complaining, because its a nice appreciation that cheers me up when I get points for helping. I’m just curious about how the system will work in H4 and whether or not doing any damage at all will give me an assist or whether it will be as unpredictable as Reach.

the system in halo 4 looks much more adjusted so if you are getting hits you will most likley get the assist if your team mate is getting the kill. it is much better in halo 4

Not forgetting the new Distraction Medal which is going to be interesting, thankfully I don’t think it gets called out or that would be a distraction.

From what I have seen, assists will have a bigger role in Halo 4 than in the past games. I think they also talked a little bit about it in some gameplay videos.

I can imagine there’ll be loads of assists on Halo 4. There should be an option on the options settings where you can turn off the aim assists, and when you do: you get more credits. :3