Halo 4 Assassinations: First, Third or "Swapped", or togglable

Read title then:

Doing it:

First person: Just like rest of game.
Third person: Just like reach.
Swapped: You go into the victim’s first person until over.

Taking it:
Swapped: You go into the assassins first person until over.

Togglable: All options

What if this? Your vote?

Assasinations should always be in First Person. I think it’s time for Halo to stray away from it’s third person tendencies and capture a cinematic experience.

I want to see what happens to the HUD when a knife pierces my spine. It would feel much more rewarding to see a camper get his neck snapped in FP!

The assassinations should be first person, I would like too see what first person turrets look like in Halo and maybe even first person vehicle driving like Battlefield.

(Just an idea, don’t flame me if you don’t agree.)

I like the third person view of the assassinations in Reach, though I wouldn’t be completely opposed to first person either.

the original halo assassination. beating the opponent in the back of the head. not any of this knifing them bullcrap. go OG or go play cod

First person would be a cool option but third person seems more right for the feature. Hard to say which would be best.

I would like a toggle for everything first person driving assassinations everything. in halo CE you could hop in the warthogs passenger seat for first person and it is amazing

I would like it to kind of randomized, maybe similar to Skyrim’s killmoves (sometimes in first person, sometimes in third). I prefer it in third person though, as I like to see my Spartans actions and animations.

Personally i dont like the assassination animations simply because no matter if i hold or tap melee, it ALWAYS happen’s.

If they do add it in at least give the option to toggle it off.

I just want a simple backsmack and move on, i do not want to spend the next few seconds being held up by an animation which as i said does not matter if i tap or hold melee.

I’d kinda like it to be all first person.

Picture this

You = Sniping and doing call outs like a good teammate. You periodically check your radar every now and then, moving from place to place. Then while scoped in, you suddenly are removed from your scope and your shields pop, you can’t move, but you see a shadow that is not your own next to you. Face down, your spartan looks to the side and sees the enemy about to drive the knife into you.

THEN you die.

Eh? Sounds cool to me. Could use a little work. :slight_smile:

toggle doesnt sound good at all but the 1st person one sounds dope