Halo 4 Armoury

As we all know, Bungie did an AMAZING job w/ the armoury in Reach. The shear number of armour combinations is really amazing. Whether you get to see your armour permutaions in cutscene or just see it in MM, I would really like to see armour customization of this level in Halo 4. Player investment has always been a beautiful thing. You work your butt off to get that armour piece to make your SPARTAN look badass and when you get it you feel accomplished and you continue for the next one. Even though the armour won’t enhance your SPARTAN in like giving you more ammo or making you have higher shields- armour being purely aesthetic, it’s very evident that people enjoy the customization variety in Halo.

Here’s what I would like to see in Halo 4 for the armoury:

Helmets. In Reach, we have a beautiful selection of helmets and variants. I propose that each helmet in the armoury would start off as their “pure” base. No attachments and not being up armoured(UA). After buying the “pure” base helmet, you can then buy the UA version or attachments, combat network module(CNM), hardened uplink(HUL), etc. You can choose to have any attachment that’s available for that helmet or none at all or you could even choose to only have a UA variant w/o no attachments. It would be nice to bring back the Rogue helmet, as a lot of people were dissappointed not to see it in the Reach armoury.

Chest Pieces. Well, in Reach we got some pretty sweet chest pieces and some including the robotic arm, which I do not like. The number of chest pieces is fine in Reach. I find myself using TACTICAL/PATROL, the chest piece Jun uses, most of the time. It would be great to add some more b/c some chest pieces aren’t aesthetically pleasing.

Shoulders. The number of shoulder armour pairs in Reach is fine by me. Most of them are symmetrical and are aesthetically pleasing. Some shoulder are not so much, but most people get over it by not using them. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Security shoulders, but when I saw the kukri attached to the right shoulder in the armoury, I was dissappointed. I was hoping to gear up my SPARTAN with a symmetrical armour set but the knife threw my plans in the gutter, I currently use MarkV shoulders. I think in Halo 4, all shoulder pieces should be symmetrical and if there are add-ons for the shoulder, like a knife, it should be optional to add them on.

Knees/Kneepads. In Reach, the only aesthetically pleasing kneepads, in my opinion, are the FJ/Para. They actually are attached to the boots instead of floating on your knees, like the grenadier knees. What I would like to see happen in Halo 4 is a nice selection of kneepads that are actually attached to you boots instead of floating upon your kneecaps.

Utility and Wrist. I have nothing much to say about it. They look great and if 343i decides to add more of a selection, I’m all for it. But I would like to see some of the wrist pieces be available for both arms, like the bracers on Jorge.

New Option, Belt. This goes hand in hand w/ the chest pieces. On a few selection of chest pieces, you can see something on the SPARTAN’s belt. The most recurring item is the grenade belt. It appears on 5 of the chest pieces available. A couple other examples are the -Yoink!- pack on the COMMANDO chest piece and the small black pouch on the right side of the waist and the PARAFOIL chest piece. I would like in Halo 4, to be able to choose what you would like on your belt. Say you like the COMMANDO chest piece but you despise the -Yoink!- pack and would like a grenade belt instead. There should be an option availabe to remove or add items so that you can trully customize your SPARTAN.

So, I guess that’s pretty much it. I fell in love w/ the Halo franchise when CE was released. The story was so EPIC that I was left wanting more. This was back whe I was eight. I didn’t want much except a good time and a good story to hear. Now, I’m eighteen, and because of how games evolved over the years, I expect and want more out of a game. Player customization in any video game is a feature that I truly love. I can spend hours customizing and making my character to my pleasing.

Whether 343i makes armour permutaions able to be seen in cutscene or keeps it strictly in MM, I’ll be fine w/ it. As long as there’s a nice selection of armour in the armoury to obtain, I have a reason, among others, to continue playing.

So, what are your thoughts about the armoury 343i might develop for Halo 4? Should they keep simple like back in Halo 3? Or go crazy with it like in Reach?

I wouldn’t mind if helmet attachments weren’t restricted to certain bases. As it is now, the attachments are in the exact same position on the head, even if the base helmet is different (Take the neck protectors on EOD and Gungnir, for example). Give us an attachment category!

Also, no BS where you rank up but don’t find any new perms. Once you get to General, there really isn’t any incentive to keep playing for cR.