halo 4 armour unlocks not unlocking

i have completed the spartan op episode for this week and went into way point to claim my new peices of armour. You unlock each peice by completeing a certan chapter and then doing putting in the code from the news section 3. It only unlocked the shoulders for me though? anyone have a idea why this is?

where do you get the code “Section 3”?

if you put the code order (they fit together like a jigsaw) you can unlock the first armour piece
other 2 require 2 other codes

I unlocked the shoulders but it says they are still locked and the code will not work again. And what is the solution to the second code? I can’t figure it out.

how to i see section 3?

I put the correct code (works to a friend) and it doesnt works,wtf

Same problem here.

i put in the first code (that goes grunt jackal hunter easy normal heroic legendary pistol sniper rocket launcher)and it gave me the chest piece was i suppose to get the shoulders? and i saw the second code, i think and it had some of the same characters, (grunt jackal normal heroic legendary) but then there are 5 new characters i dont know, are these explained later as they update? or do i have to guess?

You get the shoulders by going to the waypoint home page online and looking at the news, when the third one comes by, there’s the puzzle. The second puzzle is after you click on the first puzzle from the home page, the tag Classified on the side brings you to the section where the other puzzle with Covie difficulty gun puzzle is and two other videos. The “Making of” video has a puzzle piece at the end of the video that doesn’t fit in the first puzzle. The other video I couldn’t find any pieces or glyphs.

Xthrei i got the same code to work to unlock the chest piece but when I put the code in for the shoulders which i put in correctly it would not work it would say that i have not met the requirements to unlock it even though I have completed all of the Spartian Ops Missions this week

I finaly got the shoulders code to work i guess they fixed it

where do i find the section 3? i beat the episode but idk what the section 3 crap is

alright i feel stupid now, i found the section 3. but i only unlocked the shoulders when i put the sode in, ive beaten the spartan ops so shouldnt i have the rest of the armor?

is there a code to unlock the helmet yet?

Theres meant to be a code for the helmet but no one has found it yet by the looks of things or the code for the wiseguy in achive 3.

what does the oni code do?

It is most likely a good idea to keep looking into possible helmet codes, but I also think 343 should be posting the Section 3 puzzle by Friday (Nov 8th) at the latest before the next episode of Spartan Ops is released.

i cant unlock eney of the armor

Was able to get the torso armor unlocked, but the code for the shoulders doesn’t work. Anyone else having this problem?

And yes, I’m sure it’s the proper code.

EDIT: I finally got the shoulder code to work. It was bugged on the Xbox Halo Waypoint, but worked when you enter it at https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/classified#

If anyone else has trouble unlocking it through the Xbox, try that.

The Oni code unlocks halo concept art for the person who was wondering