Halo 4 Armour Sucks!

Just kidding, I actually love it all a ton! Even the weird ones with awkward visors :slight_smile:

I know I’m a bit late for this but just saying to the people complaining about some of the helmets, it can always be much, much worse.

That’s good armor! Minus the colours and the weird headband looking attachment.

I like most of the armor too.

There are a few I know I won’t but most of them I like. I’ll probably use the ones with more visible visers.

I just wish the helmets had MOAR visor. Most of them have almost no visor to them, or extremely weird shaped ones like this. Generally, the helmets seem to get uglier with the less visor they have.

GUNGNIR become garbage…

> I just wish the helmets had MOAR visor. Most of them have almost no visor to them, or extremely weird shaped ones like this. Generally, the helmets seem to get uglier with the less visor they have.

True, but there are some very nice looking ones with a good bit of visor space, seen here :slight_smile:

> Helmets:
> Deadeye
> Locus In-Game
> Scanner - War Games Map Pack Access exclusive/LE exclusive
> Strider - War Games Map Pack Access exclusive/LE exclusive
> Mark VI (Gen I)
> Air Assault
> Aviator
> Defender
> War Master In-game
> E.V.A.
> Enforcer
> Vanguard

Your title is misleading. :wink:

Yes I agree OP, I love the armor too!
It’s very well detailed.

The good ones certainly make up for all the ugliness that was shown when specializations came to wind.

They need more Visor on them.

I like them too! Most of them look great.

Wow I didn’t know they had actual in game images of these helmet. 100 points to them for added chief’s helmet. I like the look of Vanguard. EOD looks very true to original. Please show us ODST. The locus looks like a goblin lol. Be good for some scary machinimas even though this comes out after Halloween…

Am I the only one who didn’t like emiles helmet? Its an orb with a funny face! It would have looked cooler if he didn’t wear a helmet and just cut the flesh off his face. Hardcore!!

I think that the art style of Halo 4 is its biggest weakness. Everything else looks good to me but the art style seems to be the weakest link.

I mean look at Pioneer… oh brother.

I personally do not like most of the armor in Halo 4. I have many things to say so please bare with me and keep reading.

1.For starters, overall it just looks too…“mint-condition,” like it came fresh out of the factory with a pristine paint job and everything. I prefer the old look, when it looked slightly battle worn and stuff. And is it just me or does some of the armor kinda look like plastic that’s painted to look like metal?

  1. Sure most of the helmets and armor (mainly helmets) look cool when they are out of the context of Halo. But since its Halo game, they should look how spartans should look. I mean, no spartan should be charging into battle looking like a unicorn (fotus) or looking like a deformed insect (pioneer). Like I said, out of context, most of them are cool. But in Halo most of them are dumb. That’s why I still wear recruit and air assault, because they represent a spartan well. Not some character from Crisis. Also, some of the helmets are downright ridiculous. What happened to the Commando helmet? Now it looks like so old guy squinting out of a football helmet. In Halo: Reach the only questionable helmet was Gungnir, but now it looks even worse. And now there’s a little curve at the bottom of the EVA which annoys the crap out of me, is it supposed to be for the nose or something? Furthermore, I noticed that many of the helmets are more pointy towards the front. On the Scout helmet its really noticeable, but even on helmets like the air assault it still is a little pointy towards the front. I prefer a more curvy helmet.

  2. I won’t lie. The detail on the armor is pretty amazing, but I just think they over did it a tad. The armor looks too “busy,” you know what I mean?

  3. What happened to the black colored under-suit? Now your primary color is spread throughout the whole body, instead of the just the hard metal armor.

  4. Now for the shoulder pieces. These aren’t my biggest concern, but its just a little annoying how now the shoulder pieces look like 80% of the metal is just hanging off. I guess it kinda looks like they just nailed slabs of metal onto the under-suit. In the other games the shoulders were curved with the body more.

  5. What happened to the cool pouches and cases you could put on your chest? Now it is just the same metal shaped in a bunch of different ways. I know that they all look different, but most of them feel the same. And yes I know that some of you say that in Halo: Reach going into battle with grenades smothering you chest is a deathwish, but the pouches like the “Tactical/Recon” chest were good.

So that’s it. Notice that I don’t dislike everything about the armor in Halo 4. I have adapted to some things, like the new bubblewrap style under-suit (which I guess isn’t all that bad). I don’t think its that big a deal that the Spartans look thinner now. Out of all the negative reasons I listed above, I think the one with the armor not really representing spartans that well is my biggest concern. They just don’t look how spartans should look.


Been quite’a bit of time there.

I’m just happy my Mark VI is in <3

I see what you did there you sneaky beaver.

I love the armor too ^-^