Halo 4: Armory Forge

Why don’t we just make our own armor?

If you lack artistic skill or simply don’t want to be bothered you can select pre made armor OR you can download user posted armor!

How would it work?

imagine a small forge world, you would zoom in on your Spartan and place items as desired. You can zoom in and out until you have reached a desired style and save that armor to your armory.

So I can make anything right off the bat?

No, like forge world you would have a spending limit But as you rank up options and budget will increase. This would keep it interesting and if you found a user download of a higher rank than yourself YOU could download it but you could only wear what your rank allowed.

Sounds like it would make alot of problems but I kind of like the idea.

I say nay. The only thing left to work for in reach is armor. If we had a legit rank or arena then maybe. Right now it’s only about looking pretty. So unless 4 has a ranking system, it’s a no. If it does, maybe. But I can already tell it would cause weird glitches and what not. Not to mention people would abuse it by somehow glitching so parts of their suits wouldnt take damage. Yeah that sounds crazy but people in video games could figure it out.

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