Halo 4 armor unlocks

i was playing reach and there is armor (like haunted or 343 helmet) that i couldnt get who thinks that the system should be halo 3 based (based on finding stuff and achievements) because reaches promoted boosting because no one could get haunted legit

I liked the way you unlocked armor in Halo 3. Once you got it and wore it, you could proudly say “I got a splatter on a mongoose” or “I got all the achievements”. Now its “I GOT TEH CREDITZ 2 BUY DIS LOLOLOL”. Not a big fan of Reach’s way of getting armor…

I’d say why not both? I mean how about some forms of armor that you can only unlock for example finishing the game on Legendary in a certain time limit, where as others you can buy with a similar, but improved upon, credit system.

That way the big spenders are happy, and the people who like to do some elbow grease to earn them too c(:

thats a good idea as long as they make max price 250,000Cr
or by 80 ms points for sets
or by finding skulls