Halo 4 Armor Permutation issue

Recently every time I’m joined with another profile on Halo 4, their armor changes to match my own. Their colors, visor, emblem and stance are all the same, yet they are wearing my exact permutation even though they weren’t the last time we played together. Sometimes after changing back to their correct desires, my armor will change or someone else will, on our console, be changed to the new change just made.

I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but it is getting rather irritating as we want to play in our own styled armor instead of matching by force.

This has happened, or at least noticed, ever since the champion bundle DLC was purchased and downloaded on my console.

This is something we’re aware of in regards to issues that cropped up with the Champion’s Bundle release. We’re working on a resolution and will keep folks updated as we make progress.