Halo 4 Armor for Male Characters ONLY

I’m sure everyone remembers the armor skins for preordering Halo 4, am I right? Well, one of the skins was the FOREST skin. For the legs, it gave you RG-63 Counter FRST, which basically has a “camo” skin on it. However, I believe this is only for male characters. The reason is the legs are exactly the same as the standard RG-63 armor, but when I change my character to a male, the legs get the unique skin. I also redownloaded the skin, so I don’t think its that. So I’m wondering, is it a coincidence that I keep on incompletely downloading the skin, or is it that 343 could care less about female gamers? If anyone has the FOREST skin, can you try putting on the legs with a female character and telling me what happens. Only the legs are default, not the helmet, body, arms, ext.

Same thing happens on mine, the legs remain default as a female, and change to camo as a male.

Seems to be a glitch on the character model, for that set of legs.

Stinks. I think its that 343 never made a texture for it. If they forgot or just didn’t care, I don’t know…