Halo 4 Armor Effects!

So is anyone else thinking like me? The first 2 armor effects were not good. I’m hoping in Halo 4 they atleast take those out and add some of these (prices are guesses/reccomendations):

Scorching Aftermath (Fav on Bungie Forums)
Your armor would be smoking with little embers on your plating. When you die, the embers scatter on teh ground. 1.25 million cR.

Ancient Acid
Your armor would have green acid on it and it would create smoke from the chemicals. Acid droplets would occasionly fall to the ground (as with Water Hazard). When you die, the acid would burst outward. 1 million cR.

Blackhole (Fav on Bungie Forums)
Your armor would have black and purple “shadoes” swirling around it, creating an ominous feeling. When you die, the shadows move into your body, then explode outward 10 feet. 2 million cR.

Overgrown (Fav on Bungie Forums)
Your armor would have vines growing around it and moss like substances on your plating. When you die, the vines constrict you and you fall to the ground. 750 thousand cR.

Water Hazard
Your armor would have a thin veil of water swirling around you. Water droplets would occasionly fall to the ground (as with Ancient Acid). When you die, the water simply falls to the floor around your dead body instead of blood. 750 thousand cR.

Tundra (Credits to “rednax700”)
Your armor would have snow on it. You would like like you just came from a snowstorm. Your plating would also look frozen and have ice on it. When you die, the ground where you fall becomes frozen. 1 million cR.

Ghost (Credits to “one rabid bunny”)
Unlocked at Hero or another high rank in Halo 4. You would appear to be a ghost (still clearly visible though). You would have fog that swirls around your feet. When you die, you return to human form and fall to the ground, but fog thinly covers your body. 3-5 million cR.

Glitch (Credits to “one rabid bunny”) [possible addition]
Your armor would flicker like it was a hologram. When your health gets lower, your armor flickers more often. When you die, your armor overrides and creates a shock. You then fall to the ground and your body will slightly continue to flicker. (no price due to possible addition)

So, Halo community, would you like these ideas? Halo 4 needs some good Armor Effects. Tell me if you like these ideas. Also, you can go on the Halo: Reach forums on Bungie.net to view the same exact Thread. Keep this thread alive to get some epic armor effects in Halo 4.

We don’t need this gimmicky -Yoink-.

Most of these would impact gameplay too much… and they are not very subtle…

> We don’t need this gimmicky Yoink!.

> Most of these would impact gameplay too much… and they are not very subtle…

Inclement Weather already annoys me. I’m thinking about getting it just to throw off other players.

I hope these things don’t come with Halo 4

How come you people don’t like them? Everyone on Bungie forums loved them, they’re even adding to the ideas.

I’m torn between keeping armor effects and doing away with them completely.
Armor effects=fun to have
Armor effects=doesn’t feel like a Halo “thing”

But really, your ideas are pretty cool for the effects. If they are kept for Halo 4, some of them would make good ones.

Exactly, have good ones or don’t have them at all. Atleast make it look like he walked out of some place that could be in campaign and it hasn’t worn off yet (Scorching Aftermath and Tundra).

If they did make the effects more relevant to Halo, such as something would remind you of an area in the game (just like what you mentioned). Then I can see them making much more sense to have.

No thanks, Armor Effects don’t feel like Halo. The Halo 3 flaming head was different because it was so unique and rare and most people never even saw it in all the games they played. Now in Reach every game consists of hearts around people or confetti flying everywhere and everyone wearing Effects. It just makes it feel like I’m playing some child’s game. At least give us an toggle option so I don’t have to put up with it or just make it exclusive like in Halo 3.