Halo 4: Armor Effects?

Well, we all know the armor effects from Halo: Reach right?
(Not to be confused with the Armor Abilities)
Well, I’d like to see all the same Effects, but with custom colors,
and the ability to place it anywhere on your armor.

What do you want?

I don’t want Halo 4 having any flashy junk that distracts the developers from focusing on the gameplay.

This includes Armor Effects. I mean, really? Hearts? Confetti? Stop turning Halo into a game for 8 year olds.

Sure, sure.
Well, what about Pestilence and Inclement Weather?

i think its cool if they have extra time but 1st things 1st the gameplay

> i think its cool if they have extra time but 1st things 1st the gameplay

I agree, if they have enough time before the release, maybe they could ask what else the community wants.
(No Bumpercars Kids)

Dark Fire on body with a skull that faintly appears on in front of your helmet.

I call it the “Dark Demon”

Maybe they could be a bit more subtle this time around…

I’d rather have camo patterns. AE’s are a little… redonk.

How about spartan battle suits, not just slapping a knife on your chest, full suits. And being able to add a Scratched effect, Ceramic plate effect scorched effect on the suits.

I want Halo 4 to resemble Halo 3, highly.

I think it would be awesome if they brought back Armor Effects in H4, but it would also be interesting if they added Designs to the armor. Like, wouldn’t it be pretty cool if someone had, like, Blue Camo on their Spartan and the another player might have something funny, like, Zebra Stripes on their armor? 0.o