Halo 4 ARG

Who thinks that 343 might look at Halo 2 advertising and use the ARG portion to advertise it, but on a grand scale, like tv spots with ads that pretend to have been hacked with messages, and certain sites pretending to be hacked.

I mean who wants and ARG for this game it would be cool and will also give us something that Halo really is, discovery.

Plus this is what will bring the Halo community together.

There was a discussion about this a while ago…i’m not really sure what happened to it.

There was talk about an ARG months ago, but it turned out to be a campaign for chewing gum. Of all things.

There have been theories that the actual ARG began with the leaked content. Cant say more.

ilovebees.com has started a new and very long countdown around the time H4 was anounced. ARG maybe.