Halo 4 API...will there be one?

The API feed for Halo Reach opened up doors for all kinds of new ways to immerse yourself into the halo experience. Has 343i Released any statement on if they would have a Halo 4 API.
I would Really hope to see this happen so More Apps, Fansites, forum sigs, etc can be shown off and help us get more involved with not just the game but the overall Halo experience.

This may be a noob question, but what does API mean? Sorry again if this is super obvious and I’m just dumb.

Its not a noob question.
Basically Its somewhere your stats, profile, commendations, challenges, In game spartan etc that people that make apps or websites can use to make really cool profiles and anyone could make an app to keep track of your stats and make them organized in anyway you want to look at them.

Like if you wanted your forum avatar to be your xbox live gamer pic you can add a code instead of an image and it will update that image everytime you update your xbox live gamerpic. so you dont have to go back and change it on the site or app everytime you change something. as of right now the only app that you can see these things are in Halo Waypoint. and Waypoint is not that great. I had way better apps for Reach before 343i took over. and you cant check friends stats easily