Halo 4 and XBOX smartglass, more to come? ...

So, I have XBOX Smartglass for my iPad 3. If you don’t already have this killer app, you should get it! Anyways, I checked out Halo Waypoint with smartglass, but it seems to be lacking features that were shown at the E3 demo. So my question is, is if those features are going to be implemented sooner or rather later? Features that are currently missing that I saw in the demo is the ability for your invites to games to be shown through your tablet on the app, and for you to be able to access other waypoint things (such as the news and the forums). If anyone knows what happened to these features, or if I’m just over-looking something, please let me know.

Other than that, thanks a bunch for reading and helping me out.

Also, does anyone know if you can input the waypoint codes from Section 3 on the smartglass waypoint? I haven’t figured it out yet, but man that’d be convenient! Thanks again… :slight_smile:

If i remember correctly, those features at the E3 press conferences were just concept or prototype. Maybe they will be added later on

Android Smart Glass doesn’t even do anything when I have it and Halo 4 running. The Smart Glass trailer on Xbox IE is very misleading.

Unfortunately Smartglass is not supported on my brand new Windows Nokia Lumia 610 because of a lack of RAM, so I would hardly call it a killer app…

Deathrow, you have to click the game on the very bottom of your android smart glass app. It should load waypoint for you there as soon as you are in the menu for halo 4.