Halo 4 and the Precursors

Am I the only one who remembers the mysterious enemy that was showcased at the end of the Halo 4 concept art trailer a while back?
Ever since that Spartan ops episode 6-10 trailer I’ve been looking at the old trailer and that thing
definitely isn’t a Promethean Knight (or at least to me it doesn’t look like one…). I think there’s
enough evidence to suggest that the precursors will at least be mentioned in the Spartan ops
episodes to come. Thoughts anyone?

That was a concept of a promethean knight. Not a precursor

They showed the full image of that piece of concept art at PAX, I believe. It was a concept for the Promethean Knight.

As the other 2 said, it was one of the early promethean knight concepts.

I think precursors getting anymore more than a passing mention in Spartan Ops will heavily depend on how popular it is.

Thanks for clearing that up guys. That picture has been bothering me since that trailer debuted. It
just seemed more insect-like (kind of like the way precursors are described) than promethean