Halo 4 and halo infinite were games to please the masses. Halo 5 was 343s own idea

Right after Halo reach it’s pretty obvious that the Halo 4 loadout/class system was just another step in the direction Bungie took Halo reach with the loadouts.

In halo infinite. It’s clear that a lot of things were done for the sake of it “being halo” enough. The artstyle. Removed ablities. Shoehorned mechanics like the grapple to excuse there being equipment like Halo 3 had.

Halo 5 was different. It didn’t look to other games to set it self apart from the rest. 343 had a vision for Halo and that was halo 5. Not Halo infinite. When you take someone’s vision away and force them to make something that they originally wasn’t intending then the product comes out worse.

There is a reason why Halo 5 stands above halo infinite in terms of multiplayer right now. It’s because it actually had soul in it. It had its own identity. Sure you can say you don’t like it but it was it’s own thing and it being it’s own thing is what made it great.

I want to see the scraped reclaimer saga. I ganretee you that project had more of a vision than what we have now. You can tell that a lot of choices were forced in halo infnite. Like removing the thrust slide. Removing ADS, when you could’ve simply just made guns with and without ADS.

Since the game is forced into a mold it can’t breathe and it’s choking on its own weight. The weight of everyone saying “it’s not halo enough”.

I bet if 343 was to throw the traditions out the window they would make a great Halo game. I truly feel that a lot of people are holding back what could be a great game


Halo 5 wasn’t great at launch, the changes they made to it is what made it a great multiplayer game. That being said, it was very fun for competitive, but found it extremely poor for social/big team.

For me Infinite is a great blend of Halo gameplay. It feels like an amalgamation of the better parts of Halo 3 and Halo 5.


Halo Infinite has a lot of issues, but I’d still rather play Infinite over 5.
The gameplay is better in many aspects in my eyes.


Not having btb dev maps did suck but when btb launched with the right maps it was fun.

It was even more fun in custom games. I played 100s of btb maps. I think a lot of people missed out on forge customs and therefore didn’t get a great social experience.

I actually think they took the worst part of both Halo 3 and Halo 5. They kept in Sprint, slide, and clamber. The e least interesting ablities

They also took one of the worst gameplay mechanics. Equipment.

The best parts of Halo 5 were the ablities. The truster, stabilize, etc.

The best parts of Halo 3 we’re the maps. We don’t have maps like guardian or the pit. No natrual looking maps. No maps with map elements either like the platform in the rig in halo 5 that shot down the invis.

Idk. Just not a fan of the mix and match gameplay. I would rather one choessive gameplay that has an indentiy rather than just random stuff on the floor that makes up the gameplay


It should have been a new ip if it’s their own thing and not Halo then.


I agree. Why are they continuing halo when they could make a great game without being shackled to the chains of Halo.

On the other hand. Halo could use innovation. As great as the classics are they do get boring and stale after a while.

What I really wanted to see in the new Halo. Dynamic maps. Smaller maps. More interesting less boxy maps like high ground. I like some maps in halo 5 but they too suffer from the “box like” structure they are built upon. There really isn’t anything unique in halo infinites maps.

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Infinite does somethings well, like the base movement speed, the physics, items like the fusion coil, weapons types-ie damage type, and some of the art choices; The Elites looks better, the revert back to the old pelican, the MA40 is a better AR interpretation-best in the series yet, the Sidekick is what any pistol should aspire to be, and the idea of fracture events could bring some real cool non-universe aesthetics that may liven up the limited customization pool. The maps look great, great level designs for team arena, but the BTB maps just feel too small, and the vehicles have a more neutered quality to them, they dont feel particularly dangerous, and the physics regarding vehicles gives them an almost too bouncy feel. I get flashbacks to the Make in Mass Effect 1…

Item pickups are more useless then they are useful. The grappleshot is just a cheap ripoff from Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends. The drop wall is just a -Yoink!- bubble shield, the repulsor is a get out of jail free card against vehicle splatters, rockets, and tanks, making its use unbalanced. The other things are forgetable, i really cant remember the others.

For me Halo Infinite is a step foward, but two steps back i terms of gameplay mechanincs, customization, and level of enjoyment. Halo peaked for me at Guardians, and i just dont see any change for the better in Infinite. Sadly.

Which is already an extremely stupid idea. 343i are free to do whatever crazy ideas they have in mind, but for established franchises you are supposed to look towards the rest of the installments and try to expand upon it. Halo could also do go the direction of Overwatch with class based combat, or they have done any number of other wacky ideas, doesn’t mean they fit or belong in Halo.

That’s the whole freaking point though. If it isn’t going to look, feel, smell, etc. like a Halo game why bother putting Halo on the box?

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Here sthe thing thing. The thruster pack and the ablities around them WERE building upon what Halo is.

It’s not like you thrusters from some imaginery thruster pack. No. You actually had the thrusters built in. Every ability has an animation that directly shows on the spartan suit itself. If the military was going to Desgin a suit for combat wouldn’t the spartan 4 suit be the logical solution? Why would they opt for equipment when you can have it built into the suit?

If anything Halo 5s innovation makes the most sense for a desgin standpoint. It makes sense for lore combat. It just makes sense.

To me Halo 5s thrusters WERE halo because they exsist in the lore and if Halo were to innovate then why wouldn’t they use thruster packs?

Had they done something like jet boots where you double jump in splitgate then yes you can make the argument that isn’t halo but in the lore MasterChief uses the thrusters to boost around while floating in space. Wow why wouldn’t that be a natural way to innovate halo?

To me. Taking the grapple hook and shoving it in halo is what’s non Halo to me. It has no back story. No lore. And it’s never been in halo before. If anything it’s the least innovative thing that could’ve done. They didn’t build upon halo. They just broke it up into pieces


“The problem is that the game isn’t like the biggest lowpoint - Halo 4 & 5 - that crippled the series. Halo needs to return to it’s roots, the fresh vision of not being like Halo but chasing trends and trying to be like CoD etc etc”

I am floored by this. I severely disagree with your train of thought.

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What is

“Return to the roots” mean to you?

Because returning to the roots would mean

No equipment.

No Sprint, slide, clamber.

Smaller and more unique maps that aren’t boxes

The old ranking system.

The old sounds.



You name it.

Halo is halo infinite a “return to the roots” when it doesn’t even have collison?

“Michael Jordan should stick to baseball.” Lol.


Ok, that only started in Halo 4 and wasn’t relevant before then, but continue.

ok lore>gameplay or features or basic stuff we expect as Halo fans got it.

You are being a complete hypocrite here, because thrusters weren’t lore before Halo 4 to my knowledge, then they retconned it added it in later, and they are going to do the exact same thing with Grapplehook.

Regardless, the only reason grapplehook is “Halo” in its design is because it is a pickup item. If everybody spawned with one Infinite would already not be a proper Halo game in my opinion. You sound new to the franchise so I won’t hate on your Halo 5 love too much, but I would recommend you get MCC and go play those good Halo games then come back to me afterwards.


How would you innovative halo without equipment?

Clearly a reskinned classic Halo isn’t something we’re ever going to get so how would you do it? How would make the player feel like a Spartan while also balancing the game? Halo 5 is how I would it.

Actually. Thrusters we’re in halo before Halo CE. The were mentioned in the books plenty of times. It’s how chief manuvers in space.

Ok so if lore isn’t important then why are we in spartan suits? Why are their shields? Why is there an AR? The game uses lore. To say it doesn’t would be false.

Also I grew up with classic Halo. Just because I like new ideas doesn’t mean I’m a new player. I see it all the time. People who like Halo 5 are always called “new to the franchise”.

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Going off your title.

Halo infinite was designed to attract the CoD/Fortnite crowd. This is far from what a Halo games is, and the game play doesn’t mean Jack sh** when the structure of the game is completely broken.

343 decisions for Halo are the most asinine decisions I ever seen next to Bungie’s D2 disaster when it released.

If, and I say if the higher-ups actually want to improve this game that it is most unlikely what they want to do. It will literally takes years to fix this disaster to get this game in a good place.

Microsoft needs to wake TFU and get on 343’s a** to actually start making a game. 343 higher-ups are 100% the problem with this entire game.

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To me Halo infinite is a store first rather than a game. Everything is backwards in this game. Just like the outlines. The outlines are there because of the cosmetics. And the cosmetics are a part of the store. Meaning the made the game to make money rather than make a game for fun


Knowing this, I will not spend anymore money on this broken product. I did the next day after infinite released. I spent only $10, because that is all the game is worth.


Modes, Features, you know the way Halo has always done this?

There was a good video made by Favyn (Halo Youtuber) a while back that you might be interested in.


Basically, they work within the core formula of Halo. I also want to mention that Halo 4/Infinite are definitely still hated by a lot of classic Halo fans due to Sprint mainly.

Let me try to explain this in a way that you would understand.

A small detail of a novel or a comic is considered “lore” for how other people use it. This would be (for example) like when Elder Scrolls nerds will tell you that Cyrodil (the place you are in ES:4 Obliviion) was supposed to be a vibrant jungle according to lore, it is not used to say that people shouldn’t use guns or swords lol. You are conflicting expectations that the vast majority of Halo fans expect with minute details that only a really small and nerdy group of people care about.

Understand that the novels should be written based on the games, or as an Extended Universe type of thing, they aren’t meant to be taken as gospel and plotholes that pigeonhole them to following arbitrary rules written by different authors. So the games are more relevant than the books are lore wise.

I hope I didn’t confuse you lol. Lore is used as a vehicle to push whatever crap mechanic that people want to shoehorn into Halo. In reality lore is very flexible and the amount of retcons and plotholes kind of confirms that the lore is whatever the hell 343i want it to be.

So what your saying is map dnamyics.

Which is something halo 5 actually has. You were able to shoot down platforms to get the power up. That’s a way to innovate halo without changing the formula.

But we have nothing like that in halo infinite. They didn’t innovative the way favyn said they should. Why? Because they kept in Sprint,slide, and clamber and adding things like the grapple. Which is in direct contradition to favyns ideas.

Halo 5 abilites we’re “fun”. And I think that’s the most important part here. It’s a video game. I want to have fun. Not be limited.

And if Halo infinite we’re to return to the roots without changing the formula then why don’t we have dynamic map elements like low gravity rooms? Or shootable props that change the maps? Even if they kept Halo 5s ablities they would still be able to do dymanic maps.

Halo infinite has niether. It doesn’t have fun gameplay AND it doesn’t have dynamic maps. And it’s the least content rich halo right now. I just don’t see how Halo infinite is the right direction for Halo on any front.

So we’re just going to pretend Halo 5 didn’t release in the midst of the advanced movement copy/paste craze of Titanfall and Advanced Warfare?

And we’re also going to ignore that they tried to undo halo 4 and go back to having elements of the old games?

And we’re going to pretend that they didn’t jump on the then-ubiquitous loot box craze and desig an entire game mode to sell loot boxes?

OK. Well, I guess if we ignore all the ways Halo 5 borrowed ideas and trends from other games, then I guess Halo 5 set itself apart from the rest.