Halo 4 and Anniversary on Waypoint

I have found all of the terminals in Halo Anniversary and have allot of the achievement including Legendary. This is also the case In Halo 4, I have all of the terminals and some achievements but for both games Waypoint says I don’t have any achievement ore found any of the terminals. I’m asking the community for help, if no fix is found I hope that 343i has a fix coming soon

I’ve also got this problem with anniversary. It partly helped when I connected to Xbox Live, put in the anniversary disc and loaded the game, then went back to Waypoint afterwards.

Now Waypoint admits that I have the achievements for Anniversary, but there’s a section on Waypoint where there’s videos or something for unlocking the terminals in anniversary. Even though Waypoint knows I have the achievements it isn’t unlocking the items.

(Waypoint is also ignoring my ODST and Halo 3 progress, which is pretty annoying because I don’t have the discs with me and so I can’t play them again to fix it like I did with Anniversary.)