Halo 4 and 343 pros and cons

I only wish people would discuss here both the benefits and drawbacks of Halo 4 in overall, give good and valid arguments and respect each others opinions. I also hope this topic doens’t get “lost in the fog” because of topics like: OMG 343 u su** or stop blaming H4 stupidos… Main idea is to have one topic with lots and lots of opinions and mind-sets: easy to find, read, reply, uppdate and follow. I am not sure if this works yet I have hope.

Maybe I start with pros:
Game sounds: weapons and all other special effects sound a lot better than in previous Halos. The guns sound powerfull and this feels great.
Graphics: I love the new graphics, especially the shiny forerunner structures look great in the campaign.

and cons:
I don’t like the AA’s and CoD elements at all: For example killcam and insta respawn made the multiplayer more fast based gaming which for me means closer to CoD and I don’t like CoD.
Custom game options are too limited as you can’t play one flag or infection at all. Seriously why did you decide to get rid off stuff?
Theater: In H3 you were able to watch all your gaming through the theater and with your friend also! That’s not possible in H4.

Just some stuff and I’d really like to hear more from other users. I don’t know much about 343 but it feels like they kinda listen us kinda don’t. They give team throwdown and forge wordl yet the custom games(as one topic says) are unaccetable. IMO