Halo 4 Alpha? UHUH

Maybe, not a Beta, but an Alpha :3

I’m not sure if this should be posted or not…

But two things:

  1. This could just be a really good edit job.
  2. Alpha is in-house testing; this would’ve have to have come from a Microsoft/343i employee, which I doubt very much…

Also, it makes no difference to us. We wouldn’t get an Alpha

It’s well made, but I have to say it’s fake. You can tell just by looking at the Anniversary main menu. The logo looks completley out of place.

I doubt they’d have the Alpha already on the disc anyway.

Also leaked content is banned here, fake or not.

Edit: Nevermind, I just saw a video where the main menu looks like that. Still, I think it’s fake.

It looks legit, but if this was real, don’t you think 343 would’ve taken it down by now?

The guy who made this said it was fake weeks ago.

I don’t know man. I’m very skeptical. It looks very well done, and if it turned out that there was an alpha for Halo 4 included in Anniversary as a surprise, well, I would send 343 my arm in a box. I’d be so excited. And I honestly wouldn’t be upset if the menu for Halo 4 turned out like it looked in the video. Layout, music, it was very refreshing and still had a good Halo feel to it.

They would never include an Alpha build with another game. An alpha build is of the entire game and is for internal use only. Betas only get released publicly as multiplayer. The fact they show it being accessed through CEA and having options for campaign etc is proof that it’s not only fake but also poorly thought through.

Posting leaked content, fake or not is against the rules.

The guy who made this menu has made like 4 or 5 different halo 4 menus, and he is very good at it. I hope 343 see this guy’s work and go down the same path

I hope to god this is real. I am so SICK of the same UI design that’s been in place since Halo 2. Every game in recent memory has essentially the exact same menu layout and design, whereas this is (fake or otherwise) is -Yoink!- as hell and visually very fresh to look at.

Looks fake.

I hope its fake. I don’t even really like it. They need to have the basic list again. Also in the pic right below it shows the matchmaking thing, pleas 343 do not do what Reach had, lets not have concept arts on every screen.

I believe this has been confirmed fake, it’s created by a guy who’s done multiple Halo menus. However, it looks decent, I guess…

Also, this thread will likely be locked due to containing “leaked” material.

You can easily tell it is fake, and against the rules fake or real.

> You can easily tell it is fake, and against the rules fake or real.

I think that we all get it now. There’s a good five people here that have said this is against the rules.