Halo 4 AI difficulty trends.

Ok so whenever I play a halo game I want to go through and have a fun, action packed, story filled playthrough. I dont want to play on legendary and get my -Yoink- kicked and through my controller across the room [I did many times during CEA and ODST but surprisingly not reach]. What I really want to know is will halo 4’s AI be increasingly stronger than past halo games[reaches was actually a difficult enemy AI to kill].

I know That the demo was being played on normal but I want to know how difficult it will be to fight the enemy. in CEA easy was way to easy you could mow down hordes of foes without trouble. and when I switched it to normal There were so many moments where I was like WTF!!!.

I’ve heard people calling it fake difficulty,
I hope so, Smarter AI is infinitely more fun than Buffed AI.

Enemeys should get stronger AND smarter with difficulty increase, not just one or the other.

> Enemeys should get stronger AND <mark>smarter</mark> with difficulty increase, not just one or the other.

Sure. Smarter, NOT PSYCHIC!

It needs to be both for a reason one so you cant easily deceive them in battle.

Frankly I want to have a fight with a Promethean knight not a mow down

Don’t play on legendary if you don’t want a challenge. AI should get stronger, but also more aware. Intelligence as in battle tactics should be as good as possible on all difficulties. I want to have a fight with knights, not just kill them with a melee and be done with it.

Well, in the last HaloGAF podcast, a few people (I think it was Louis Wu and mastrbiggy) said that when they played the demo, it was quite difficult on Heroic, even though it was dumbed down for E3. I would say that Halo 4 will be challenging, seeing as how the AI interact with each other and act accordingly.

The whole point of Legendary is that the odds are against you.

Whether through higher intelligence or greater strength (preferably a little of both) it must be difficult.

Legendary is also not the mode you want to play if you want to enjoy the story unless you can handle the difficulty well.

My first playthrough is usually on Heroic.
I guess that whole “way Halo was meant to be played” kinda stuck to the back of my head and stayed there.

Yep, Heroic is the way Halo is meant to be played. Yet on Legendary I do love the challenge. I thought that Halo: Reach on Legendary was pretty balanced.

What I would like to see, though, are bots for multiplayer so that I can play with 15 “people” even if I don’t have live. Like Perfect Dark for the 64. I imagine that would be very difficult to code, though.

It seems to be that the AI will be smarter in 4, because they do interact with each other in ways not seen before. This will most likely make them harder.