Halo 4 Achievment Glitch

Im trying to get 2000/2000 points for halo but i cant because some of the achievements are glitched Ashes to ashes is messed up and pigs can fly if anyone has information about this being patched please post below

This is something we are aware of and have a team investigating.

Can you give information about it its very important to me

Here’s the semi-official thread about the problem. I would post there to add your voice to the chorus of those asking for a fix.

Here’s a list of all affected achievements. And here’s the best theory I’ve read on the matter.

This problem was reported as early as Sept 2, 2013, when a friend of mine found that Ashes to Ashes was glitched for him. Sorry to say, you are not alone, Gravy Spin. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.