Halo 4 Achievement The Challenger

I’m noticing that I can’t unlock this achievement after 25 challenges are complete. I’m seeing that others are having the problem, has anyone else seen some sort of fix on the way?



yeah it didn’t unlock for 25 either, but once i completed my 26th challenge the achievement unlocked.

so try completing another challenge and see if that work.

I now have 28 challenges…don’t know what to do

i dont know what to tell ya bud. i got it right after getting my 25th sorry

I actually unlocked it like an hour ago while on the map Complex. What a coincidence.

Well, I did finally unlock it, but it took me 29 challenges, I’m thinking that some of the challenges accidentally unlock when you aren’t actually done them, so they don’t register properly (like when I was completing get 16 headshots in a match, the best I had was 13, and I got the challenge after 3 in the next match, even though I was supposed to get 16 in ONE match)