Halo 4 Achievement ideas ?

Awakening - Wake up john ( 10G )

I need a weapon - Find your very first forerunner weapon ( 5G )

Ultra Demon - Kill over 500 unknown enemies ( 50G )

Winning - Don’t lose any health on the 3rd mission on legendary difficulty ( 25G )

I think we lost him - Die 100 times in 24 hours of playing halo 4 ( 5G )

Yank me - Use cortana to hack every door on the first mission ( 10G )

We’re Just Getting Started - Finish the halo 4 campaign on legendary difficulty

I know this might not make sence but i just made random achievements up. Why dont you try :smiley:

We’re Just Getting Started - Finish the halo 4 campaign on legendary difficulty ( 150G )

I hope they dont use these or anyones, not because they’re bad but because i want to be surprised when i see them :slight_smile:

Hopefully lots of Campaign achievements. I liked what Bungie did with Reach’s achievements.

Brothers in Arms: Complete Arbiter on heroic or higher 50G

Kick the monkey
Find the hidden pink brute and assasinate him

Hopefully nothing too specific. Those Halo 3 ones were a nuisance. Even some of Reach’s DLC ones are.

don’t blink 25g

no scope someone with the sniper

Far Far Away 20g

Destroy a Banshee while across the map

Wake Up John 10g

Story Related :slight_smile:

What Do You Want *****

John is mad about her waking him :slight_smile:

Prepare to drop - Free fall X feet without dieing in any mission of the campaign. - 10G
Sniper, third floor - In the 4th mission of the campaign, headshot 3 enemies within 3 seconds of eachother. - 15G
My sword’s better! - Beat an Elite at its own game. - 25G
Saving Private Ryan - Saved Private Ryan during the 2nd mission of the campaign. - 15G
He’s alive! - Finish the 1st mission of the campaign. - 25G
I can haz Reconz? - Buy all available Recon armor premutations. - 50G
Hell Jumpers, ready. - Buy all available ODST armor premutations. - 50G
They’re MY skulls… - Found all skulls during the Halo 4 campaign. - 50G
I married me a powerful, ugly creature. - Save a Huragok during the Halo 4 campaign. - 25G
Classic. - Kill all enemies with the magnum during the first mission of the Halo 4 campaign. - 25G
Wake me, when you need me. - Finish the Halo 4 campaign on Legendary. - 100G
Sir, to finish this fight. - Finish the Halo 4 campaign on Heroic. - 100G
I think you can use my help. - Finish the Halo 4 campaign on Normal. - 100G
Tough relations. - Complete the 7th mission of the Halo 4 campaign with all ODST’s alive. - 25G
He was MINE!. - In any matchmaking playlist, earn 5 assists. - 40G
Yoinky doodle. - In any matchmaking playlist, earn a Yoink. - 20G
Interesting. - Find all terminals during the Halo 4 campaign. - 50G
The storm has past, the war is over. - Complete the Halo 4 campaign on Legendary solo. - 150G
Deja vu, again? - Complete the last mission of the Halo 4 campaign with the iron skull on. 4 player Xbox LIve co-op. - 50G
They’ll be remembered. - Learn the truth about your escape from Reach. - 25G
Lucky number 7. - In any matchmaking playlist, earn a kilimanjaro. - 50G

I don’t need a weapon (50g)Finish any campaing mission with melee only on normal or harder.

This one is mine(5g)Kill an enemy and take his weapon.

I remember(15G)Found a fallen ally(Jun).

I’m Proud of you(5g)Earn any assistance from a friendly AI on normal or harder.

I got seven reasons to kill all of you(30g)Found 7 dead allies in any mission on normal or harder.

Don’t fail(10g)Let a Friendly AI kill an enemy alone on normal or harder.

Don’t kill the legend(200g)Wake up in legendary without dying.

Bigger is not stronger(10g)Kill an enemy that is bigger than you whit melee only in normal or harder.

I’m ready,do you?(20g)Assasinate an enemy and fall to your death.

This is war(5g)Discover a Brand new world.(Start the game,and,yeah,it’s a reference to…)

Sins of A Father- Complete “Flood” on normal difficulty or harder.

Pandora’s Box- Complete “The Artifact” on Normal or harder.

Terminator- Find all the terminals in the campaign and unlock their secrets.

Skull-Master- Find all the Onyx skulls in the campaign.

Reclaimer- In Multi-Player, hi-jack a vehicle that has been hi-jacked from you and kill the hi-jacker.

Two Birds, One Rocket- In Multi-Player, kill two air-vehicles with one shot of the rocket launcher.

Silence- Complete “The New Covenant” on Normal difficulty or harder.

Beginnings- Upload Medicant Bias into an empty Forerunner Monitor.

We’re On The Outer Rim - Find out where you truly are located in the galaxy. ( 25G )

This Is Cool Looking - Find an empty forerunner helmet. ( 10G )

The Finder - Find all of the empty forerunner helmets ( 50G )

We’re Not Alone - Locate a human ( 5G )

That’s better - Find something to heal you ( 10G )

True Hero - Don’t die once in the whole halo 4 campaign ( 200G )

Yoinked!: Steal someone’s kill

Heir to the Mantle: Discover Humanities Truth