halo 4 Acceptable and Unacceptable changes

I have watched a video on you tube which has explained many new aspects of Halo 4

Some of the new things are perfectly acceptable such as:

-No Halo Beta
(This way they have time to work on the game itself)
-Covenant Returning
(Even though they return they do not pose as the most dangerous threat)
-Sprint being default
(You basically have Sprint and another armour ability, why wouldn’t a spartan be able to sprint?)
-Joining games in progress
(This is good because it eliminates quitters, its also good because its not in all playlists so it docent ruin halo multiplayer)
-Removed items such as: Healthpacks, Duel-Wielding and reticle bloom
(The health system it a shield bar like halo 3 so it makes no difference, don’t really mind with duel wielding and the reticle bloom on reach was a bit much for some weapons so by removing it altogether then It can be fixed)
-Forerunner Vision Armor ability
(Something to do with looking through close by walls but you can’t see other players)

But There are a lot of new things which Have been added with ruins it:

-Spartan Points
(Same as CR from Halo Reach which is good, the problem is the name “Spartan Points” isn’t imaginative, Whats wrong with CR)
(They are now customisable, i wouldn’t mind but some of these new ideas are making Halo more like COD)
(Even though the covenant are returning, you are unable to play are elites anymore, why can’t they add a playlist for them)
-Instant Respawns
(Now this idea is exactly like COD, they say its to move the games quicker but on some playlists that is the exact opposite of what you want to do, sometimes strategy and taking your time is what wins the game)
-Weapon Locations
(Instead of the traditional weapons spawning at certain locations around the map, they now fall from the sky in little drop pods)
-Spartan Ops
(First, the name, you can tell its a rip off of spec ops in COD, and the idea behind it is good but instead off just adding it, THEY ARE REPLACING IT WITH FIREFIGHT, no more firefight)
-Weapon Customisation options
(These are unlocked through leveling up EXACTLY LIKE COD)

Below are 2 links to the videos which gave me this information:

Halo 4 Beta, Character Customization, Analysis of HUD: Anoj Explains Episode 1

Halo 4 Beta, Character Customization, Analysis of HUD: Anoj Explains Episode 2

First off, I think this belongs in the Halo 4 section.
Secondly, how can you say these things ruined the game when there isn’t too much information on the new additions, and the game isn’t out for another 6 and a half months? And I think you don’t know a lot of the recent facts, such as instant respawns won’t be in Objective gametypes, and nothing there is a ripoff of Call of Duty. Just saying.

True these things can change and don’t mean the game is already ruined i meant that if some of these things are not changed then it will become a bit much like COD. Also i don’t mean dramatic changes, For example, “Spartan points and spartan ops” its the name and the fact that spartan ops REPLACES firefight, add it as well as it, don’t take it away

You know I really think halo 4 is going to be a great game but you have a point its is starting to look and sound like cod