Halo 4: A breakdown of over reaction

So, the Halo 4 ViDoc came out today. In my personal opinion it looks like 343i is taking steps in the right direction and the trailer got me excited.

However, more than a few people have taken this as the final version of the game, and the few sentences of info we’ve gotten have somehow convinced them that Halo 4 will be aweful.

Let me get right to it.

  1. The game is coming out in SEVEN MONTHS, and the first thing the ViDoc says is “Subject to change” the game is NOT set in stone yet and there will most likely be a beta to fix stuff.

  2. Frankie’s word is not law.

Frankie is not the end all be all for the design of Halo 4. He said there might not be a beta, but he isn’t the one that will be making big bucks from Halo 4, Microsoft will. They will make 343i do a beta so players can see if they like the game, so they get more money from it.

  1. A Progressive System =/= Call of Duty

Halo has ALWAYS had a progression system since Halo 2, if you won games, you ranked up. True you may not have gotten new weapons, but you DID get an advantage, players who saw your True Skill were more afraid of you, giving you a psychological advantage. 343 wont do anything stupid like let you start with rockets or a sniper rifle, because it is still a SANDBOX GAME.

  1. Random Weapon Spawns do not Mean the End of the World.

Yeah, weapons MIGHT spawn randomly, in a build 7 months before final release. If you notice, they only said they were thinking about it, not that it would be final matchmaking options. If you dont like it, you will most likely be able to change it in Forge. Besides, who actually timed weapon spawns in matchmaking? Seriously? I just checked the spawn locations every once in a while. The only people this would affect are MLG tryhards, who will most likely live in an MLG playlist with MLG settings. They should not care.

  1. Point based multiplayer does not mean that Progression is Cod Style

For all we know, point totals you get from kills could only count towards the final game score, and have nothing to do with your Spartan’s progression. They could be totally seperate.

  1. A Mech on a map does not mean that it is drivable.

This was pathetic to see. A map has a mech in its architecture, it does NOT mean it is drivable. Was the Pelican on The Pit flyable? How about the Sabre on Anchor 9? No? Well then realize that the mech is part of the architecture of the map.

  1. The ViDoc was for entertainment, not for a perfect information blowout.

Stop nitpicking something that has literally 6 seconds of in game HUD, and next to no physics shown. As they release more info we can actually analyze more of the trailer. Until then, be happy we have any info at all, and that we get something that so far looks better than Reach ever was.