Halo 4-6 Possible Graphics Improvement Idea

Hey everyone,

I have had an idea after playing Battlefield 3 which could be expanded to Halo 4, 5 or 6. My idea is for 343 to work with DICE to integrate Frostbite into Halo, this I think would be a brilliant graphical update and would be revolutionary for the Halo series. Frostbite 2 is currently the most advanced graphics engine ever made and working with DICE could make it even more realistic in terms of graphics.

This would also make it very immersive and boost sales massivly, I really like Battlefield 3 but not as much as Halo. Also, Frostbite integrates the top quality Dolby Digital sound to make it even more immersive.
Please consider my idea and post back.


It"s a good idea and I can see the possibility of 343 teaming up with Dice to work on the graphics in Halo and it could be something that can make everyone play Halo again.

I’m not a fan of echos in a game or a sound when their right in front of me :confused:

Halo has to do things on it’s own, it can’t take help or inspiration from anything, especially some other game that has things similar to CoD, in fact it MUST play exactly like the other games. This is not typed because after Reach we are afraid of change.

No not really, but that would be pretty cool. WAIT, what if Dice and Crytek combined Cryengine 3, Frostbite 2, and whatever tech Halo 4 will be using? THAT would result in the most EPIC game engine EVAR!!! Probably won’t happen though :frowning:

Frostbite was made for Battlefield, a style that does not fit Halo at all.

Unreal Engine would probably be the best choice, since it’s much easier to modify.
Gears of War 3 has my favorite graphics/effect of all console games.

Frostbite for console is not near as powerful as it is for PC.

DICE & 343 (as well as various other developers) share tech ideas all the time. That’s how games nowadays are becoming more and more advanced technologically. Will we see Halo 4 use Frostbite 2? I highly doubt it. What would be the point? Boost sales massively? In what way? Will we see 343 come out one day and say they had some programmers from other studios give them tech ideas? Most likely.