Halo 3's Anniversary... Featuring...?

I’ve been thinking about how should be Halo 3’s remaster. I don’t think that Xbox One has enough power to make a visually winner remaster, because Halo 3 looks -Yoinking!- stunning still today except by little possible improvements like ambient oclussion, radiosity imitation, textures, models and bit more (please don’t change anything about that game visual style).

But, remaining realistic, what about a “what if” mode where there aren’t brutes but elites in their place? With Halo Reach’s IA but less life (please avoid Halo Reach elite’s life/shields amount xD). Or… Maybe a PC launch only for Halo 3?

What do you think (or wish) that has 343 planned for Halo 3’s anniversary?

Don’t think there will be an Halo 3 Anniversary for this gen, So I don’t think there will be an Halo 3 Anniversary for his 10 years.

Im not a big PC guy. But I would buy every games remake on console.

I doubt we will get a Halo 3 anniversary and to be honest I don’t think we need one. Halo 3 still plays and looks fine on Xbox One.
Personally I want to see some new Halo games come out besides Halo 5 , like Halo wars 2 or something completely new.

They’ll do something for Halo 3, but no a remake I hope. The game is still flawless and wouldn’t change a thing!

H3 does not need to be remastered! Other than modernizing the graphics/picturing, the game is nearly perfect.

H3 does not need a remake.

I don’t believe Halo 3 needs a remake.

You’re giving Halo 3 a little too much credit if you think there isn’t much room for improvement for the graphics. Especially when it comes to faces.

Anyway,I think Halo 3 would be a nice opportunity to up the stakes again. First they gave us a makeover for Halo 1, then with Halo 2 they did that again and gave us a port collection. How about this time they do a real remake. New engine, redesign the levels but keep the same spirit, rerecord some of the script maybe, possibly even alter the script some. Include some gameplay alterations from later Halo games and maybe strike out on it’s own with some new games. Basically Halo redone with all the ambitions that comes with a brand new game.

I don’t really see any other way a Halo 3 Anniversary could possibly outdo the Master Chief Collection… Well, conceptually, anyway. Anything less than a real remake(like Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes or the Resident Evil remake for Gamecube) would feel pointless. You can already play Halo 3 in 1080p/60fps on Xbox One. Giving us the same thing again with a reskin would feel kind of redundent. Especially since they most likely wouldn’t be able to do the whole graphics swapping trick again in 1080p/60fps, not even Halo 2 Anniversary could run in 1080p native and Halo 2 was considerably less good looking than Halo 3.

Maybe In 2017?

Pc is always going to beat any consoule, its ability to adapt so much quicker will always outdo.

Halo 3 will probably be the last remake because 4 is high def already.