Halo 3's 10 Year Anniversary Ideas

Since it’s been confirmed that Halo 3 anniversary will not happen, what will happen on Halo 3’s 10th anniversary? While there is still a glimmer of hope left for those of us that want a Halo 3 anniversary game to happen, there is still a big chance that it won’t happen as Phil Spencer said during the Halo Wars 2 livestream that there will not be a new Halo fps this year, so with that being said, those of us who want a Halo 3 anniversary game should prepare for the worst. So if 343i decides that a Halo 3 anniversary game will not happen (if they haven’t decided already) then they will still have to do something huge! Halo 3 holds a very special place in many die hard Halo fans’ hearts and simply hosting a 1hr livestream to celebrate this huge event would not be acceptable in my opinion and I think many would agree. So what will 343i do? I think its safe to say they are asking the same question assuming a Halo 3 anniversary game will not happen. So I wanted to give them some ideas and I encourage you to post your own ideas (obviously) because Halo 3 deserves something huge and, as I’ve said before, a livestream simply just will not do! With all that being said, I’d like to give my ideas as to what 343i could do on Halo 3’s 10 year anniversary. One thing they could do is fix MCC which by itself would be huge for many fans and would unite the Halo community and bring Halo back to its golden days! Another thing they could do is release one of those free content drops for Halo 5 and it could be based entirely on Halo 3! While I’m not too sure of EVERYTHING that would be included in the content drop, a few ideas that come to mind are:

  1. Sergeant Johnson announcer voice
  2. I-C-O-N-I-C Halo vehicles/weapons from Halo 3 like the Mauler, Chopper, Brute shot, M90 Shotgun etc.
  3. Named reqs that are from Halo 3 like the Spartan Laser Johnson and Master Chief used to damage 343 Guilty Spark and it could use the classic paint job. Another idea is Johnson’s WartHog that Chief and Arby used to escape the Halo at the end of Halo 3, and lastly, the Brute Spiker Truth used to kill Miranda and there are many other possible named reqs.
  4. The Scarab Assault game mode! This game mode would require a team of spartans to take down a Scarab. Simple as that. Also, no Promethean forces but instead just an insane amount of covenant that would stand between you and the Scarab!
    There are probably many more things I could list that they could include in the content drop but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head right now (its VERY late as I type this)
    Im not sure about the possibility of a Halo 5 content drop as I was expecting one based around Halo Wars 2 and Im quite disappointed there wasn’t one but I will forgive and forget :smiley:
    Another thing 343i could do is merchandise! While this is to be expected with Halo Mega Construx sets and a Loot Crate I’d like to see more! One thing I’d really love to see is Halo 3 action figures from Mattel and LOTS AND LOTS of clothing like shirts, hats, socks, underwear, pyjamas (I’d totally wear Arbiter themed PJ’s everywhere!), etc. Anyway those are just a few things I think 343i could do to celebrate Halo 3’s 10 year anniversary! I hope 343i see’s this especially if there truly isn’t a Halo 3 anniversary game planned!

Black undersuits are unlikely for Halo 5 at this point, but they most likely will be in the next Halo game. As far as Halo 3 themed reqs, I like the idea you had there where they introduce a bunch of H3’s weapons with a few special variants mixed in and I also like the Sergeant Johnson announcer idea, but those would NOT be enough to properly celebrate Halo 3’s 10 year anniversary. To properly celebrate H3’s 10 year anniversary, they would either have to release a H3A, either to the MCC or as a standalone, which we honestly don’t know at this point (They denied H2A was being made, but then it was). Or, they could make Halo 3 backwards compatible with the Xbox One which is the safest route they could take since there is so much controversy surrounding H3A, which I would accept and be fine with. Regardless, they have to do something to celebrate H3’s 10 year anniversary and doing nothing or too little will not be accepted by the community.

Forget about Halo 3 reqs for Halo 5. Halo Online port for XONE and Halo 3 backwards compatibility for XONE because MCC sucks.