Halo 3D print spartan order

on november 24th, i ordered the $90 print out of my Spartan from Sanboxr when it first came around. I still havent recieved it. They told us, 2-3 weeks. I live within the US so there shouldnt be a problem there. Ive emailed them and they said that they would mail it either “today or tomorrow” (this was on the 22nd of December).

I am suppose to get a notification with an order number and everything so i can track the shipment once it has been shipped. But i havent heard anything since… $90 dollars dude… For a tiny statue… Im getting irritated. Not even sure this is where to ask for help from but this is where i made the order so… Waypoint! What do i do!

You’ll want to contact the folks over at Sandboxr for your order, as they handle the printing and mailing of it to you. They’re pretty responsive on twitter if you have an account - @sandboxr - or you can contact them via their website:http://sandboxr.com/info/contact_us.php

Hi John 0117 MCPO,

Please email me and we’ll look after you. We have had some delays with production and although most customers have received their prints, others like yourself are still waiting. However, we are working around the clock to get your Spartan to you and are happy to provide a complete update. Email info@sandboxr.com and I will reply during business hours. You can also phone 800 814 2846 during business hours as well. M-F 9-5pm MST.

Kindest regards Rebecca Lee (Marketing Director Sandboxr)