I still keep seeing comments on the forums like"When is halo 3A happening" and “The real concern here is ARE WE GETTING HALO 3 ANNIVERSARY THIS SEPTEMBER OR NAH???”.
Well, Halo 3 Anniversary is not happening and here is the evidence.
Why 343 have chosen this is still unknown but it could be that 343 are really knuckling down for Halo 6. BUT ITS NOT TO SAY THAT IT MIGHT NOT EVENTUALLY HAPPEN!However if it was to happen it would at least be after Halo 6.
If you have any ideas why they have chosen this leave a comment and when and how do you think it would be appropriate to release and announce it if they were to eventually do it?

They would rather put their focus, time and resources into a new Halo game or project?

Honestly, I’m a little sick of remasters and I think a lot of other people are too. I think it was Frank O’Connor who said that H3A wasn’t on the table mostly because of the diminishing returns that remastered games are seeing now.

And I agree that 343 definitely needs to focus on Halo 6 or whatever comes next, if H3A was getting in the way of that then good on them for deciding which project to prioritize.

If it is happening, we’ll probably see something at E3.

So I have a friend involved with microsoft and they said that, they are making it, they also sent me a couple pictures and marketing posters, might release these a couple days before e3 to keep his identity hidden but it Halo 3A is coming.

never wanted halo 3a

They should just release Halo 3 on backwards compatibility and on Steam/Windows Store after Halo Wars set the precedent.

The PC market is, after all, a massively untapped source of revenue, neither of these would require resources from 343’s main development teams, and it would still allow for a celebratory offering for Halo 3’s Anniversary.

While some remasters are awesome as hell, it’s frankly not worth the time, money, and effort. It would most certainly be a disappointment for a particular group of Halo players, but it wouldn’t adversely affect the fanbase to a degree.

In short, I suggest that Halo 3 remains immortal, eternal, and pure as it is.

Honestly wasn’t expecting a Halo 3 Anniversary because we already had the Master Chief Collection just 3 years ago. I mean most of us have already played Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 and then now we get to have all the FPS Halo games (except Reach) on Xbox One. The Halo 3 from MCC hasn’t really changed that much from the Xbox 360 but it’s on Xbox One now. It’d make no sense or would really be money milking if they made a second Halo 3 game on the same Xbox One platform in such a short period of time. Also since Halo 5 is reaching it’s 2 year mark, we should be able to see or hear something about Halo 6 soon.
If Halo 3a was being developed, I wouldn’t mind getting it to see all the updated graphics and how it would top off the old graphics (343i’s cutscenes just keeps improving and looking amazing). However I feel like the OP is right, the game would come out after Halo 6 and maybe even later.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. 343 can celebrate Halo 3’s ten year anniversary with a major cleanup and playlist reshuffle on the Master Chief Collection. They don’t need to gut the game and release Blur cinematics, top-of-the-line graphics and whatever, just make the MCC a viable game with a tiny bit of TLC.

That’s really disappointing:/