Halo, 343, the Future

im sure at this point you are sick of hearing people say things about halo 4, how they feel about it …towards you guys as a company…it just saddens me to see a game i grew up with, and still love slowly fade into the darkness of our pasts…i know very little about the inside company of halo,what process it goes through to making things. or decisions, but looking in from the outside is really ruff these days. im also aware that you get endless feedback on what ppl think, game change wise etc to keep halo around, and not to sound cruel but, from the outside, it seems like an adolescent being told to do things, and deliberately not doing those things…almost to prove a point. all i want is the game i love to stay around…or at least maybe make a new game very similar to the old halos come to light. I would love to see a long film showing the details of the current 343 company, so i and ppl know how difficult you jobs are and how difficult it is to deal with requests. it seems like an impossible thing to bring back the huge halo 2 and halo 3 populations but with dramatic changes i think there can always be hope, and success. now in my experience looking at the halo world, halos grass roots were a few weapons, nice vibrant spaces and lots of killing. the addition of things over time, maybe to compete with other titles or perhaps an inner feeling to grow as a game perhaps felt right at the time…but that snot why people came back for halo 2, and then 3…they came for the almost simplistic, go online, pick a playlist and have fun…maybe going forward involves just as much going backwards to achieve success. i love halo, i want to see it continue so the future can have the great experiences i had. i love you 343 because without you i wouldn’t have the game i love. as a fan i have wants, and they may be very different from other fans, but i think generally most die hard halo fnas know what needs to happen, im just concerned you guys have heard so much you are blocking it all out and doing what you guys might think is best…which may be the right thing, but all i know is in my halo career, i saw halo reach come out, with the most changes to a halo game, and since then even into halo 4 the game and its population are not going down the best path. once again i love you guys, i love halo, please use whatever means necessary to keep it alive, and not change it watch it fail and move on…that would be a crushing blow to so many fans and possibly your company…because to be a company to make a new game…and say you made halo reach and halo 4 …you may not get as much money just due to past, instead make halo 4 great so when that day comes people will want more 343, instead of having 343 be something you dont want heard…

Until you can write better than a third grader, your entire argument is garbage.


But seriously, use paragraphs.

You say that everyone’s tired of hearing feedback of 343i yet you give feedback…

Can you please go through and fix this post up so I can understand it better? What I could understand sounded nice.

What is this? Ever heard of a paragraph? Bud no one is gonna read this I know I sure didn’t.