Halo 3

Hi,ive planned to play all Halo’s on my xbox360 and i started with Halo:Anniversary.Halo 2 i couldnt play for some reason probaly not backward compatiable but when i play Halo 3 campaign at the mission Crows Nest it of suddenly stops and show game error:disc unreadable.Ive just tried a second copy of Halo 3 and the same problem occurs.Mission Crows Nest,halfway in the tunnel.What could it be ?

You could try to clear your cache. maybe something went wrong while downloading the updates cause if it happens with 2 discs, i don´t think it´s their fault.

Ive cleared my cache several times.No succes…

Well, that sucks. If it has nothing to do with the cache, then i´m out :confused:

Halo 3 is definitely worth it.

Pff #dissapointed