Halo 3 where is everyone

Everyone keep saying halo 3 is the best…

luckily my favorite playlist is FFA and i got people in it… but a lot of time we are 4 and not 6…

And team sniper and team swat are always are 0 population and i can’t find game…

So why people say they love halo 3 but they don’t play it?

In the same mood, i never play halo 3 ODST… did everyone play this halo instead of halo 3 original?

Too bad ,i was so happy to see halo 3 coming back.

or did people play halo 4 ?

I was wondering the same thing. Usually all I get on Halo 3 anymore is Social Slayer matched with the same people and if in FFA I can only get 4 players. What a shame.

I wish 1,000 at least played. :,(

Social Slayer, Multi Team, and Rumble Pit are usually the playlists with people still playing. Some buddies and I will log on every now and then and go into Rumble Pit together and play for a while. If you have 6 to 8 players, you’ll instantly find a game because the games cap at 8 players

Yea, I just finished re-playing the single-player campaign and have been having problem’s connecting to the server- I keep getting the message that “Information could not be retrieved from the Halo 3 servers” is this just because so few people are playing these days?

I’ve actually been having trouble connecting to Halo 3 multiplayer since yesterday and won’t let me even start looking in matchmaking. For some reason keeps giving me the “Information could not be retrieved from the Halo 3 server”. Is anyone else having the same issue?

microsoft says its a worldwide issue with only halo 3 servers, has been down for 2 full days now. second time this has happened in a month. cant find any solid answers though