Halo 3 was perfect

I played Halo 3 every day for probably five years or so. Absolutely loved it. Never got bored. Infinite is very nearly perfect as well. The free to play model is a plague. I refuse to spend any money on ridiculous cosmetics. And I don’t give a damn about the battle pass. Just charge people like $50-100 once and give me a complete god blam game. Or at least give me Battle Rifle starts in Big Team. I can understand AR in the smaller quick play games but it doesn’t make sense for BTB. I’m sorry. It’s just stupid. Anyway, my character will pretty much always be default unless the Tenrai event is any good or campaign unlocks armour. Like Halo 3’s Hayabusa for getting all achievements. That was awesome. Do that again.


Oh, make muting people easier too


Halo 3 was super solid. It was a blessing from Bungie! Players had more inertia during strafing and also there was blood splatter. Two things that seem to be missing now :neutral_face:


I did the same on Reach for almost 10 years, I see it the exact same as you. These AR starts in BTB have got old real quick.

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Sorry but Halo Infinite is 10,000 times more fun than Halo 3.

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No Kid, Halo infinite is fun and the potential is there. I’m 31 when Halo 3 came out I was much younger. Stayed up for like two days straight playing that game I never got bored or tired of it. I would get my 50 make a new account and start all over. That’s pretty much the only game I ever played except for fallout 3 when I wanted to chill. There’s videos online comparing Halo 3 to Halo infinite the ghost blowing up the blood the spyker neds. Hopefully 343 can fix a lot of it and bring back the real nostalgia. I would think out BRing a kid are 4 shot a scrub who decides to assault rifle you in the back. Was very very satisfying. Halo infinite is quite not there. But it is fun to play and they nailed a lot of stuff. But they did dropped the ball on a lot of other things. Don’t even get me started on giving us customisation finally. Which happens to be the exact same customization we had eleven years ago ironically the exact same armor.


If you are going to argue, do so without fallacies. Your opinion is not superior to that of others just to show your age … ad antiquitatem. And yes, I also played Halo 3 when it came out, there are countless reasons why Inifinte is better, but if you are a bungieliver I refrain from telling you.

I’m the same age as you. We’re not so different, you and I

I love Infinite. I really do. I just want a few tweaks

You must not have been around in the Halo 3 era then. H3 was without a doubt the best fps in its time. The ranking system was :heart_eyes: Getting that 5 star general was hard work but felt so good.


Infinite is nowhere near perfect, man. It has a ton of engine and lag problems as well as balance issues. Sandbox is limited and many guns are not worth picking up at all. I’m amazed a H3 veteran can say something so wrong about Infinite.

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Maybe there’s a few issues that I’ve overlooked because I’ve genuinely been having a good time. Lag is to be expected in Australia. Dedicated servers are pretty good. I’ve had some lag but it has been a better experience than Halo 3 on that front. Once I got my first rank up, I pretty much just played custom games with other Australians in the competitive space.

When it comes to weapons, I don’t like the spawns being randomised on the map. And I spend too much time trying to get a BR because all my teammates seem to spawn closer to them every time. The sandbox is fun, though. Every match is different. I like to experiment.

well go play halo 3 then. nobody cares if you play infinite

The derpest reply you can give

Reach was perfect, except the plasma repeater. That was a pointless addition.

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