Halo 3 Visor Fixed (Customization Menu)

I was just messing around with my armor customization and realized a fix was implemented I was unaware of.

At some point the default visor preview for your Halo 3 Spartan started to display a color more similar to Halo: Reach’s default visor rather than Halo 3’s default gold.

Because of this I honestly equipped the Orange visor - just so my customization menu Spartan would look a little better - lol - despite it still displaying correctly in game if default was selected.

I just viewed the default visor on the Halo 3 Spartan and it’s been fixed! I’m curious to know when this happened if anyone knows.


Possibly Season 7, but more likely Season 8.
The only things still broken for Halo 3 in the UI right now are the hand plates for the Infiltrator arms not showing up, and the H:O Elite legs using the wrong waist armor (though that second one’s also an in-game issue too, since the devs didn’t realize it was stored on the unported Cleric set, and skipped porting it by mistake)


There’s no need to worry about that - visor colors along with all of the armor do nothing and will not impact your gameplay experience in any way. They can all be ignored.

I wasn’t aware of this issue or fix, but I’m glad to hear that the visor is back to normal